1. Lady Finger Palm

2. Lucky Bamboo

3. Areca Palm

4. Cheese Plant

5. Gold Dust Dracaena.  

6. Moth Orchids

7. Chinese Aglaonema

8. Dwarf Umbrella Tree  

9. Birds’ Nest Fern  

10. Dwarf Black Plum Tree

11. Strawberry Guava

12. Orange Jasmine Plant

13. Curtain Creeper  

14. Cup of Gold Vine

15. Peace lily

16. Monstera

17. Money plant

Scams and frauds to watch out for
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Fake requests.
1. We never request to provide your personal details. So we kindly request you to not to open any link or email regarding provision of your personal details and please report us.
2. Jacktree allows items which are only located in Sri Lanka. Therefore, no one can request for extra fees as import or brokerage fees.
3. Avoid request to use easy cash transactions.